Selected Client List
  Lifteye has had the privilege to work with many interesting people over the past years, hopefully providing solutions to their needs   at a fair cost,without taking the fun out of doing business . . .  . below are some of those clients.
Access Elevators Ltd
Water Hydraulic Platform Lifts.
Andersons Bay Rest Home Lift Compliance.
Oxford Court Rest Home Lift Compliance, Dunedin.
Independent Fisheries Lift Compliance ChCh.
Queens High School Compliance Dunedin.
Kimberleys Fashions Lift Compliance ChCh.
Wayne Waldron. Brighton Dunedin Lift Comp.
Ross Drummond. Waverley Dunedin Lift Comp.
Hamish McCroskie ChCh Lift Compliance.
Aikmens Resturant Lift Compliance ChCh.
Christchurch East Primary School Lift Comp Ch.
Discovery School Lift Compliance ChCh.
Carmalite Infirmary Compliance.
Shipleys Audio Lift Compliance ChCh.
Aranui High School Lift Compliance ChCh.
Banks Avenus Primary School Project Mgmt.
Maurihau High School - 3 platform lifts Project Management.
Karori Bridge Club Programme Management
366 Hamptons Road Residence Compliance
110 Lichfield street - Mexican Resturant ChCh.
Boys High School Caldwell Block Christchurch
Marion College Compliance, Christchurch.
W Peer & Co, 99 Clarendon Street, Christchurch.
108 Sawyers Arms Road Christchurch.
Dynamic Controls Compliance, ChCh.
Papanui High School Compliance. 2 lifts.
Maryville Courts Christchurch Complance. 3 lifts.
ADC Training 334 Manchester Street Christchurch.
34a Hansons Lane, New Life Church Christchurch.
QEII Travis Road Gymnastic Centre Christchurch.
143 Victoria Street, Christchurch.
105 North Avon Road, Christchurch.
363 Port Hills Road, Christchurch.
248 Lichfield Street, Christchurch.
Scenic Circle Rainforest Hotel Goods Lift, Franz Joseph.
Boys High School Caddick Block, Christchurch.
Wigram Lodge No.2 Lift Christcurch.
Hillview Christian School, South Wing 125 Wilsons Road, Christchurch.
De Fue Residence, 11 Pinnacle place Nelson.
Windemere Retirement Lodge, 12 Windermere Road, Christchurch.
Burnside High School, Greers Rd, Christchurch.
Yans Supermarket, 23 Brunswick Street, Lower Hutt.
AEL Thorngate Ltd
Cathedral Junction Vehicle Lift Upgrade.
AOTEA Electric
Maori Land Court 75 Peterborough Street,Christchurch.
Pak & Save 174 Wainoni Road, ChCh - 2 lifts.
Alan Reay & Associates
West Fitzroy Apts. Lift Inst.
Sydenham Mall. Lift Inst.
Admiralty Court Lift Inst.
Arrow International
Polytech Jazz School Installation.
Polytech ALX Block Installation.
Glenwood Retirement Home Timaru
Saxton Field Stadium Disabled Access Lift.
Assett Management
George Scales Lift Upgrade.
Athfield Bellerby & Vial
Commerce Building Lifts Inst.
Associated Lifts Ltd
Compliance inspection, 31 Janice Place, ChCh.
Baigent Todd Ltd
Old Nelson C.C Lift Upgrade.
Ajax Building New Lift Management Nelson.
Blacks Engineering
Enable NZ Design Review
Brittco Management
Escalator Survey Cathedral Junct.
Building Plant Services
ChCh BMU WOF Inspections.
Burns Cottage Winery
Sauvage Family Vineyards, Cromwell.
Canterbury Trust House
141 Hereford St Lift Upgrade Management..
Carson Group.
ChCh Airport Lift Inst. Certificatn.
Novotel Gardens Queenstown floor extension Inspection. 3 lifts.
Warners Novotel Hotel Christchurch. 15 level 3 lift installation.
Charles R Thomas & Associates.
AMI Building Lift Safety Upgrade.
Christchurch Polytechnic
Polytech 'C' Block lift proposal.
Polytech Lift Upgrade Review.
Christchurch City Council
Annex Lift Upgrade.
Civic Offices Lift Upgrades.
Cathedral Square Ameties Block Lift Upgrade.
Hornby Housing Lift Proposal, Cert & Manage.
Leisure Centers Disabled Access Review.
Lichfield Car Park U/G and New Lift.
Christchurch Hospital
Maintenance Contract Review.
Prepare and Issue a Single Maint. Contract.
Dialysis Building New Lift Programme Management.
Portfolio Maintenance Review.
Riverside Lifts Upgrade Review.
Christchurch Womens Hospital
Maintenance Contract Review.
Collier Jardine Ltd
BNZ BMU Upgrade.
Cosgrove Major
CDHB Dialysis Lift Design.
Novotel Queenstown Lift Extension Review.
Southern Cross Hospital, ENT Building, ChCh.Project Management.
Southern Cross Gynoecological Building Lift Solution ChCh.
Courtney Architects
MacMillan Brown Library Lift Inst.
RNZAF Wigram Museum Lift InstallationProject Management.
Cotswold Inn
Service Lift Inst.
Daywood Apartments Nelson
Nelson Apartment Lift Project Management.
Grendon Court Body Corporate
Dunedin Grendon Court Apartment Lift Upgrade..
Gallery Apartments
Vehicle Lift Installation Review& Oversee.
Hall & McKensie Architects
Aranui High School Lift Consent Application.
Healthcare Otago - Dunedin Hospital
Review Maintenance Contracts.
Prepare Ward Block 10 Lift Upgrade Spec.
Review Submissions, Let & Supervise Contract.
Specify & Issue a Single Maint. Contract.
Project Manage Fraser Block Lift Upgrade.
Maintenance Standard Review.
Project Manager Psychiatric Services Lift Upgrade.
Healthcare Otago - Wakari Hosp.
Hospital Lift Survey.
Replacement Lift B
Heatherlea Body Corporate
Motor Repair Appraisal
Heatherlea Apartment Lifts Upgrade Review
Environmental Health & Forensic Services
Dumb Waiter Removal.
KONE Elevators
82 Park Terrace Lift Inspection.
Paxus House Inspection.
Riccarton Mall Autowalk Insp.
St Davids St. Dunedin Lift Insp.
Otago Museum Insp.
Land & Building Management Ltd.
Forsyth Barr House Dun. Lift U/G.
Challenge House Upgrade Specification.
Lincoln University
Union Building Lift Design Proposal..
Maindonald Millar
National Bank Review.
Mainzeal Construction Ltd
East in the City Platform Lift Management.
MFL Building Duplex 8 levels Replacement
Cnr Gloucester & Colombo Streets, Christchurch
National Property Trust
Torrens House Lift Upgrade Review.
AMI Plaze Wellington Survey
IRD New Plymouth Upgrade Review.
Nelson Polytechnic
Maintenance Review.
'A' Block Lift Upgrade.
NZ Engineering Services Auckland
ACC Belfast CIBES Platform Lift Inspection.
Noahs Christchurch
Maintenance Survey.
Noel Welford Architect.
Timaru Boys High Lift Installation.
NZ Foam Latex Ltd
Hoist Upgrade & Inspection.
NZLift & Escalator Association.
EN81 Code review.
Opus International
Banks Ave. ChCh School Platform Lift Cert.
Otago Motor Club Trust
AA Building Dunedin Lift Replacement.
Otago University
Lift Phone System Survey.
Registry Lift Installation.
Science II Lift Upgrade.
Lift Maintenance Contracts Review.
Prepare & Issue a Single Maint. Contract
Hercus Medical Building Upgrade.
Staff Club Lift New Lift Project Management.
Lindo Ferguson Building New Lift Installation Management
Geology Building New Installation.
Pandect Electric Solutions
Platform Lift Documentation -Wellington Event centre.
160 Bealy Avenue Platform Lift Documentation
Enable NZ Design Review.
Westfield Riccarton, Dick Smith Store 2 stop Platform Lift Inspection, Christchurch.
Peak Projects International Ltd.
Church Street Queenstown - 2 lifts , 1 Cremer Aritco Platform Lift Project Management.
Quinn Baleboys Ltd
Certify Platform Lift Installations.
Robins MBS NZ Ltd
Earthquake Damage Investigation.
Salvation Army
Dumb Waiter Installation.
Sheppard and Rout
Canterbury University Engineering Lifts Instal.
Simes Real Estate
AMP Lift Survey.
Scenic Circle Southern Cross Hotel
Scenic Circle Rainforest Hotel,
Upgrade Lifts Project Management.3 lifts, Dunedin.
2 stop KONE Passenger lift - Franz Joseph.
Southern Apartments Ltd
Gallery Apartments Vehicle Lift Installation Management.
Southern Cross Engineering
Nelson Multiplex Theatre Lift Inst.
Southern Cross Hospital
New ENT Lift Installation.
Press Precinct Duplex Lift Design Tender.
148-160 Gloucester Street, Christchurch.
Spicer House Duplex 8 stop Replacement
148 Victoria Street, Christchurch.
Sunnyside Hospital
Dumb Waiter Survey.
Sunshine Ellis Ltd
Goods Lift Compliance Survey.
Tay Ventures
New Lift Installation Tay St Invercargill.
The Robert McDougall Art Gallery
Goods Lift Installation.
Timaru Hospital
Maintenance Survey.
University of Canterbury
Forestry Lift Inspections.
Hall of Residence Lift Insp.
Maintenance Contact Review.
Prepare & Issue a Single Maint. Contract
BMU Compliance Documentation.
Psychology / Geog.  Lifts Spec and Manage
Otakaro Building Solwy Avenue - Platform Lift.
Westpac Trust
Canterbury Centre Maintenance Contract Review.
Wilkie & Bruce Architects
IRD Building Lift Specification Review.
Windsor Hotel
Dumb Waiter Installation.
Lift Upgrade and Maintenance Negotiation.
Works Infrastructure Auckland.
Empire Apartments Lift Installation Review.
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