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Building Act Document Requirements
A Compliance Schedule and a Building Warrant of Fitness are a legal requirement, initially under the building Act 1991 (sections 44 and 45). Compliance schedules first became mandatory for existing buildings on 1 July 1994 and building warrant's of fitness were required by 1 July 1995. New buildings receive their compliance schedules along with the initial statement of compliance following the issue of the code compliance certificate by the Territorial Authority (TA).

The new clauses under the 2004 Act replacing the above 1991 Act clauses are:- 100 for Compliance Schedules and 108 for Building WOF
A Compliance Schedule:

is a document issued by the Territorial Authority (TA). It lists the stated building safety features and essential services, and details the procedures needed to keep then in good working order. Specific approved schedules are detailed in the NZ Building Code Handbook, but where unrelated equipment is designed, the manufacturer must submit a recommended maintenance procedure and frequency of service to the (TA) for approval during the consent process. There is no requirement for the general upgrading of existing buildings.
An Independent Qualified Person :

is a person or firm registered by the Territorial Authority as qualified to inspect certain compliance schedule items and ensure that the necessary maintenance occurs. "Independent" means that the person has no financial interest in the building.

Under the 2004 Act and to be fully implemented by 2009, a new central regime of Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP's) overseen by the DBH will have expanded roles in inspection during the Consent process, as well as retain the role of the IQP for ongoing building WOF annual inspection.
A Building Statement of Fitness:

is issued by the Territorial Authority as an initial temporary public notification of compliance schedule requirements, and is to be replaced in 12 months by the Building Warrant of Fitness. The owner must display the building statement of fitness and subsequent WOF in a public part of the building.
A Building Warrant of Fitness:

is the building owner's / manager's signed statement (on a prescribed form available from the Territorial Authority) that the requirements of the Compliance Schedule have been fully met in the previous 12 months. The original copy of the form is sent to the territorial authority. A duplicate copy must be publicly displayed on the premises.
The WOF process changes slightly in that it will now be the responsibility of the LBP during annual inspection to identify any changes deemed unsafe or standard not being met to Specified Systems on the 12a form, so that the BCA can consider and address it through a Notice to Fix.
The Building Act 2004
The Building Code Handbook Third Edition.
The Compliance Schedule
Building (Forms) Regulations 2004 +Amendment 2005: