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         Lifteye Consultancy is your lift industry communication center in New Zealand. 

         If you need any or all the following services LEC is able to provide them . . . .

  • COST new lifts /escalators           

  • UPGRADE existing lifts

  • INSPECT iqp and full code

  • DOCUMENT design for approval

  • ADVICE free over phone


LEC's principal Bob Johnston, has grown within the lift industry, beginning as an apprentice to EPL (KONE) in Melbourne Australia during the mid-sixties.

Completing his apprenticeship as a field adjuster/tuner on buildings such as AMP, Princess Gate, BHP House and the Women's Hospital in Melbourne, he worked during the 70's with Westinghouse Lift Division and Western Elevator in Vancouver Canada and Marryat & Scott in Southern England, installing, repairing, upgrading and servicing lifts and escalators.

Upon his return to Melbourne in the late 70's after further installation, refurbishment and service experience on such projects as the 50 storied, 50 lift twin tower Collins Place project, he was appointed the full time Melbourne Training Officer for EPL's 22 strong apprenticeship program.

As a working committee technical adviser and subsequent part time lecturer for the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, on the development and running of their advanced lift course, valuable experience was gained in course development and lift industry training requirements.

The first half of the 80's brought sales and management experiences with the appointment and move to Hobart as the Tasmanian Area Manager for EPL under the Lend Lease umbrella.

With family commitments in New Zealand, the move to Christchurch in 1986 began an association with T.L. Jones Ltd (Schindler) as their Engineer. During the following boom period over 100 lifts were installed, including projects such as the Park Royal Hotel, Clarendon Towers, Robert Jones House through to small 2 floor hydraulic, service lifts, and stairchair installations for the handicapped.

At the end of 1991, the takeover by Schindler and subsequent move of Engineering to Auckland, combined with a family desire to remain in Christchurch, saw recognition of the lack of independent experience outside the lift industry in the South Island culminate in the establishment of LIFTeye Consultancy. The aim was to bring an independent source of lift industry skills to the region to provide a unique service based on 25 years experience in the industry upto 1992.

With the coinciding introduction of the Building Act, LEC was able to have these skills recognised through firstly becoming certified as a level 2 CBIP Lift Inspector, followed by registration as an IQP for building WOF inspections.

In 1995 LEC decided to go through the process of becoming a D2 Building Certifier, being dutifully interviewed and examined as to lift industry experience, integrity and peer reviewed finally being registered by the Building Industry Authority on the 25th January 1996 as Building Certifier No.5. For 10 years until 13th June 2005 with the reorganising of the Building Act 2004, LEC assisted Councils, Lift Companies and Building owners with the requirements of compliance for mechanical Access Equipment in New Zealand. Over this period LEC was audited by independent engineering consultants appointed by the BIA to review the standard of processes and conduct of LEC in this role.

LEC is an affiliate member of both the IAEE (International Association of Elevator Engineers ) and of the CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers ).

With clients ranging from Canterbury and Otago University's, Christchurch and Dunedin Hospital's thru to the Local City Council and domestic installations, LEC has continued to slowly grow each year by providing sound advice, solutions to lift problems, completing inspections, reviews, investigations and issuing tender documents, while still remaining in close contact with the industry, its people and products.

LEC has moved strongly into the 21st century continuing to bring an experienced, quality service to you the people of the South Island of New Zealand.

Who is Lifteye Consultancy ?
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